Tumulus of the Mountain.

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Tumuls used between -2000 years and -300 years old located in a wood, at the top of Combe Pénevelle, about 300 m southeast of another tumulus excavated in 1926 by E. Bertrand, R. Bouillerot, É. Socley and Gabriel Grémaud (Bertrand et al., 1927). Today, the mound has practically disappeared.
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Period: -2000 years to -300 years.

Situation and current status

There remains only a cluster of small limestone kept at a height of about 30 cm.

History of excavations

E. Bertrand mentions in his manuscript: " ... its diameter is 20 m; Some 40 years ago (in 1890), he was clipped for staking a path and gave bronze objects that were distributed to children to play or scattered. M. Renard has summarily explored, by a trench, the remaining part of the tumulus, and found some bronze remains there "(Bertrand, 1920).
The lack of description of the furniture makes it impossible to date this tumulus previously unpublished.
Place of deposit of the furniture: unknown.


Jean-Pierre Devaux, " The protohistoric environment of Mount Africa: unpublished data on tumulus excavations carried out in the late nineteenth century. and in the early 20th century. in Couchey (Côte-d'Or) », Archeological Review of the East, Volume 56 | 2007, posted on February 20, 2009, accessed on November 16, 2015.


Jean-Pierre Devaux, amateur archaeologist, 21 rue de la Combette, hamlet of Domois, 21600 Fenay, © All rights reserved.

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Location +/- 4 meters.

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